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Sales, Delhi, 2-3 years,
"Hr Manager" Mumbai,
5.5 lakhs to 7 lakhs, 3-4 years, "Mechanical Engineer"
Java AND j2ee AND NOT C++
* Searches all candidates active in last 1 year sorted by Relevance

Search Tips


  • For All the words users can specify Boolean operators
    • "Java" AND "J2EE"
  • Any word written in inverted commas (exact phase) will be considered as keywords only. e.g.
    • "Sales Manager", Mumbai ; will give resumes with sales manager as keyword and Mumbai as location
    • "Sales Manager", "Mumbai, Delhi" ; will give resumes with "sales manager" or "Mumbai" or "Delhi" as keyword
    This has been done to facilitate searches for companies like "Bombay Dyeing" "NCR India", “India Infoline” etc.

  • It can be specified as exact value or range e.g. 3yr, 3-10yrs but
  • It has to be suffixed with yr, yrs, year or years
  • It cannot be specified in Decimal values e.g. 3.4yrs
Annual Salary

  • The salary can be entered in lakhs and / or thousands
  • Use salary range (E.g. 4 lakhs - 5 lakhs) for relevant matches

  • Multiple locations can be specified
  • For faster search, full names of the States have been mapped, e.g. typing Uttar Pradesh or Maharashtra in keyword box will give all resumes from this state, thus user will not have to specify each city separately.
  • You cannot use Boolean operators with locations e.g. Mumbai AND Delhi